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Main features

Why choose CREDIX services

CREDIX provides easy, speedy, and secure payment services that are indispensable for Internet site billing. In addition, we will contribute to the sales increase of member stores with various optional services.

Customer support is available 24/7/365
CREDIX's specialized staff will answer the user's inquiries. Furthermore, the member stores and owners can focus on the site operation because our support system is not complicated.
Solid Security Systems
We provide not only establishing a thorough information management system but also in the security of information communication systems.
Easy introduction, easy operation
Activation is very simple and flexible. You just link to the CREDIX payment page from your website. In addition, in terms of sales management, it is possible to perform centralized management on the management page provided by CREDIX.

Our measures for security and safety

For secure shoppingDetails

CREDIX is an online payment processing company with the highest security system in the industry.
We recognize that ensuring security is the most important issue. Furthermore, we are committed to strengthening it in order to provide safe and secure online payments to all our customers.

Security standard and program CREDIX has introduced

PCI DSS(Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard)means global security standard established by five international payment brands, JCB, American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and VISA in order to credit card information and transaction safety and security used by alliance stores and payment agencies.

Registration of business

Credit card number usage contractor
(Registration: Kanto (ク) 96th/ Registered on June 12th 2019)