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How to proceed

Contact and Inquiry

Please contact us on our contact form or by phone.
Our specialized staff will contact you. Please tet us know your specific questions or requests then.
We are available consulting services regarding your business plans including budget.

From screening to activation

  1. 1. Submit the required documents

    Please send us the required documents.

    Documents required for application
    • CREDIX member store registration application
    • CREDIX service application form
    • A copy of your credit card
    • Corporate customers ⇒ A copy of a registration certificate / Original seal certificate
    • Individual business owner ⇒ A copy of Certificate of Residence / Original seal certificate

    * Depending on the content of the contract, you may need to prepare additional documents.

  2. 2. Screening

    We will check the application information received from the customer and examine the content details.

  3. 3. Deposit to a designated bank account

    After the screening is complete, we will mail you a bill for the opening contract fee (initial cost).
    Please transfer to the designated bank account on our invoice.

  4. 4. Activation check

    Confirm the system settings and the operation of the payment system by both parties.

  5. 5. Begin operation

Security standard and program CREDIX has introduced

PCI DSS(Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard)means global security standard established by five international payment brands, JCB, American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and VISA in order to credit card information and transaction safety and security used by alliance stores and payment agencies.

Registration of business

Credit card number usage contractor
(Registration: Kanto (ク) 96th/ Registered on June 12th 2019)