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  • Basic policy agaist anti-social forces

Basic policy agaist anti-social forces

CREDIX strictly observes "Basic Policy against Anti-social Forces" as below in order to maintain social order and safety.

  1. CREDIX will cut off all the relationships with anti-social forces including the transaction.
  2. CREDIX responds against unreasonable demands by anti-social forces, and ensure all employees' safety.
  3. CREDIX will strengthen partnerships with outside institutions such as police departments and attorneys in order to prepare against unreasonable demands from anti-social forces.
  4. CREDIX never accept unreasonable from anti-social forces and legally act against them.
  5. Any circumstances do CREDIX never accept transactions against anti-social forces' attempt to conceal facts.
  6. CREDIX never provides any funds for anti-social groups.
Security standard and program CREDIX has introduced

PCI DSS(Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard)means global security standard established by five international payment brands, JCB, American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and VISA in order to credit card information and transaction safety and security used by alliance stores and payment agencies.

Registration of business

Credit card number usage contractor
(Registration: Kanto (ク) 96th/ Registered on June 12th 2019)